24 september - 31 december 2023

Spacefarming: the future of food

The number of people on Earth is growing fast: there will be nearly 10 billion of us by 2050. More food will be needed than we can produce today. Where will this food come from? And how will it be made? A burger made from cultured meat, milk from a robotic cow, or potatoes from space. It may sound far away, but farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and designers are already developing new foods and innovative ways to turn this into reality. This exhibition takes you to the future of food and agriculture.

Extra informatie

Begindatum en tijd
24 september 2023 om 10:00 uur
Einddatum en tijd
31 december 2023 om 17:00 uur
Volwassene € 14,50 | Student / 65+ € 7,50 | Kinderen en jongeren onder 18 jaar € 1,00 | CJP kaarthouder € 5,00 | Begeleider van een bezoeker met een beperking € 0,00
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